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1 Sure Way to Make Your Product Stand Out...

Written by Gene Adam

One time I questioned one of my mentors, "What if there are 20 almost identical products for sale, how do you stand out"? On which he replied, "all you gotta do is infuse it with more value"...


Of course I said, "WHHHATT"?


He said, I'll make an example for you.


Let's say you have 20 identical probiotics that are listed on Amazon. How do you make one stand out?


You can wrap it in a bunch of things that come with it. You can write a book about it. You can make a small 4 video mini-course. You can give them an instruction booklet, how-tos, 10 step guide... etc...  You could create real course as a bonus...


Just wrap something around your product that has a huge value... Otherwise your product will stay average and it won't be different from any one else...


Lesson learned. :)


Of course, I loved the advice and right away wanted to share it with you.





You passive income guy     

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