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Written by Gene Adam

When you go to McDonalds...depends how hungry you are:


You can get $1 - cheeburger..

You can get $3 - average burger..

You can get $5 -double  burger...


If you are hungry, you probably are  going to get a $5...




Or if you are just a little bit hungry you get a cheeburger...


Let's talk about Mercedes Benz for a sec..


1. If you are broke, you buy a basic Mercedes, it'll cost you only $35k

2. If you have more money you buy a bigger $70k mercedez

3. if you like to look cool, put your sun glasses and get into a sporty Mercedez for $150k






Do you the trend here? ALL, I mean ALL big companies do this:



So if you learn from it and use it in your online biz, you would get this:


1. $0 - free PDF 
2. $17.95 - book
3. $99 -mini course
4. $997 advanced course
5. $5,000 coaching
6. $25,000 inner circle


Now if you don't have value ladder in your business you are losing out!


In fact my mentor Russell Brunson said once: "if you don't have a Value Ladder you don't have a business".


That's sooooo true!


Take a piece of paper and a pen and write it for your own good.

That's your master plan! Now, take action and follow the plan...


By the way, if you want to create a course and if you think it's too much work... You can create a membership course site in 15 minutes....


Read this if you do:

How to create a membership site in 15 minutes with Click Funnels.


Written by Gene Adam

A lot of marketers make this 1 mistake. They send “traffic” directly to their “sales offer”… That’s old school and it doesn’t work too well… you would get only 1% conversions if you are lucky…

There’s a better way. First capture their email… You can always contact them later to sell more stuff.

Next, give them a FREE GIFT… let’s say a book, a report or some kind of PDF… and then you can have links leading to your offer… or send them an email that will lead to your “sales offer”… Sounds less salesy… 

Here are the steps you need to take to make this work:

1. Choose an affiliate offer you are going to promote
2. Set up a sign up page.
3. Create a thank you page.
4. Write a book, report or  pdf (it’s called a lead magnet)
5. Set up an autoresponder (7-10 emails to start with)
6. Get(free or paid) traffic.


Gene Adam

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