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Written by Gene Adam

I failed to cross the 1 million dollar mark simply because of my ego and inability to be flexible.


I walked and talked like a high earner… But even if I was one in the past, that is a part of the past. But do you want to know what the problem was?  I was my biggest enemy…


I had to erase what happened in the past and forget all of my successes and rebuild myself up from the ground up. It was standing in my way… The status, nice cars, houses… I had to turn to humility.


I had to let go of anything that I was made of and get beat up again.

Yes, I had to be beat up selflessly and start over…

I had to be rebuilt my views and be humble again.


By reading Josh Waitzkin's "The Art of Learning", it was like music to my ears…


Let me tell you a story about Josh… 

There was a Tai Chi student Evan who was big and strong. He was mostly a winner but he had a HUGE problem, he couldn't up his game and get to the next level… 


On the other hand, Josh was inferior and when they fought Evan would beat him up with his strength and Josh would fly like a piece of wood across the room…




Josh would limp home and one day he even questioned himself why did he get into this sport? To get beat up like this?


Josh stopped his ego getting in the way and once he became humble and stopped making excuses about reasons why he couldn't beat Evan.. He stopped fearing the impact of the blows.. 


He started getting used to being smashed like a pumpkin.

He got relaxed… As as he became relaxed he started seeing Evan's moves…


Now, Josh could act before the shots came. Josh continued fighting Evan and figured out his soft spots… 


And eventually smaller Josh beat the big Evan…

You see there's a fundamental  difference between making $100,000 and $1,000,000…


Most of the time you have to shutter your beliefs to get to the next level…


And you know what's funny? Evan never fought with Josh again, his ego never allowed him to lose, so he rather quit.



Gene Adam


Written by Gene Adam

There's a valuable lesson in the book "Art of learning" by Josh Waitzkin.


What's interesting is that you have to learn how to play the chess in the end of the game  not in the beginning…


Most kids learn how to play the first half of the chess  game whereas Josh trained himself over and over how to play the last half of the game. Especially when you have almost nothing left… what do you do when you have nothing left?


So when Josh had chess championships he shined in the end, because he was very prepared for it, while most weren't… Surprised opponents were crushed… 


It's not that the children that were competing in chess were unprepared, many of them were little geniuses too…but they lost almost every time… leaving Josh untouchable…


That reminds me of Alexander the Great, one of the best Greek conquerers… 


The reason he failed was not because he won all of the 19 battles…but he didn't really know what to do next… wait, you might ask, isn't it the point of the fight - you won and you're done?


Nope. Very far from it. After he died… the Greece fell apart into small pieces again…


You see to win a battle is the first part of the  chess battle…but what's next? then you need to plan how to create a system so you could contain what you have won… 


There was no system to keep the empire alive… it just died..

As Michael Gerber in the E-Myth book points out, without a system you don't have a business.


Without the system you don't have a country…

You have nothing to gain even if you won battles…  


So plan the next step in your internet business way before you market and sell.. 


You need to see one step ahead to be prepared to take action… And when the time comes - take action…

A side note: I do consider Alexander the great a genius and a great man.. And I will talk about his greatness a lot but in this article it's irrelevant.. 


Gene Adam


Written by Gene Adam

Since I teach people how to make money while you sleep I decided to write a quick post about it.

I love the time when I wake up and check my iPad for Paypal notifications for $200-$300. Isn’t that a great way to start your morning?

Anyway, let me share with you a few ways how I generate passive money… 

You can do these things…


  1. E-commerce. 
    When I started online I went into E-commerce. I opened an online store and started selling different products online. It worked for me very well. My biggest sales came from cosmetics, creams and weight loss products. You need to do some thorough research about that. Then, you need to test the market to make sure that people are interested in your products. Then you need to get a shipping lady or dropship your product. And Voila! you got the business. If you don’t know how to set up an online store you can start with Amazon or Ebay. There is competion there, but they do help you as a seller to start your business online.


  2. Write a book via Amazon. 
    My favorite. To write a book does not seem like an easy task but when you start, it becomes quite easy. When you finish writing, make a 1-page website with a form where you can take people’s emails. Then send them FREE stuff via autoresponder  80% of the time  and sell a product or service  20% of the time.


  3. JV Partner with somebody who is already successful or about to become successful. 
    That doesn’t sound simple, but there are a lot of people in the same shoes as you are on internet marketing forums like , , etc. Honestly, you can find opportunities everywhere. There are so many talented folks. Just chime in and write them an email. Tell them that you would like to be a part  of what they are doing. Tell them how excited you are and you are willing to do anything to help them succeed. I’m sure your potential partner will want to work with somebody like you if you truly are a benefit to them. Note: By the way, JV stands for Joint-Venture.


  4. BONUS: Affiliate marketing. 
    Promote other people’s products. A lot of people click on things all over the internet. A little do the now that if the url has something similar to  “?id=johnsmith” in the end, that means that this is an affiliate link!  So, you can sign up to an affiliate network(i.e.clickbank) and they will give you those affiliate URLs with your name on it. It’s a tracking link that tells the company who you are and who they should pay to. Every time you sell a product with that link you get paid from 30%-70%. Pretty cool, huh? You can insert those links on forums, comments, blogs, emails. Just don’t spam.


Hope this helps to people that are starting and don’t know how to start. 


Gene Adam

Written by Gene Adam

Here's what I learned recently from my mentor Jay Abraham.


"There are only three ways to grow any business. Just three!"


Most people think that increasing business is a complex ...

Jay takes the complex and makes it super simple.


So what are the three ways to grow a business?


1. Increase the number of clients, get more new prospects into paying customers. 

2. Increase the average transaction, get each client to buy more at each purchase. 

3. Increase the frequency that the average client buys from you, get each customer to buy from you more often.


Just thinking of all your marketing and business activities as falling in one of these three categories will help keep you focused and will quickly give you a boost in revenues and profits.


Take an hour and brainstorm how to increase business and then to see in which of these three your ideas fall into. Doing this will help cement this concept, that’s at the heart of all of Jay Abraham’s work, in your mind.


Here’s the math used by Jay Abraham in his book, "Getting Everything You Can Out Of All You’ve Got":


1000 customers x $100 per transaction x 2 transactions per year = $200,000


So if you increase by 10% in each area:

1100 customers x $110 per transaction x 2.2 transactions per year = $266,200



Gene Adam

Written by Gene Adam

Are you making money just to have money and to be rich? If so listen up, because you are probably making a mistake... I made this mistake in the past without even realizing it and it sure didn't bring me happiness...


Find a deeper purpose in life that is bigger than yourself.


Why?  Because when you finally make a lot of money and you don't have a higher purpose, you will feel empty...


The truth is... money doesn't make you happy and it doesn't guarantee you happiness.


BUT... if you are already happy and have a higher purpose, money CAN help...


So, what purpose should you have?


Well, everyone has something that can drive them...


For example:

- Helping community, family or children

- Helping kids in Africa

- Change/imrove society

- Teach kids something

- change America (UK, or whatever country you are in)...



Ask yourself WHY are you doing it?


There's always something bigger than we are...


"The big purpose will bring you hapiness, more money  and more satisfaction in life..."


Money could be bad and good


It has a tendency to multiply 10x or 100x. For example:


If you direct money to a good cause (giving to others), money can help you 10x that... 


If you direct money to silly things (like alcohol or drugs), money can blow it up 10x that... 


Having a higher purpose


In fact, the richest people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Winfrey Oprah, Steve Jobs always had a higher purpose.


When Gates and Buffett were asked how they would leave the world a better place, both  see a higher purpose for their energies and their success in the world of business. They want to make a difference in the lives of others.


Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation provides 90 percent of the world’s polio vaccines.


Buffett decided to give 99% of his wealth away to the Gates' non-profit organization.


When you start putting others before yourself, that's when great things will start happening... 



Truly Yours,

Gene Adam


Written by Gene Adam

My goal for 2015 year is to add an extra 2-3 million dollars to my bank account.

But for May month I would like to write at least 3 more books about business.



What are your goals for this month?  

Please write your comments below…


Gene Adam

Written by Gene Adam

Have you ever ever been stressed in business? Silly question, I know. We do it all the time.

So what do you do when you get stressed? Get drunk in the evening? Do you scream bloody mary? Do you break your phone against the wall? Or you just pull your hair and jump out of the window breaking the glass on the way down? Lol that’s pretty funny!

Anyway… I usually try to pretend that it’s not normal and I don’t make a big deal out of my situation.

I love this quote from Denis Waitley.

“One of the best ways to develop adaptability to the stresses of life is to view them as normal.” – Denis Waitley

How do you deal with stress? Please comment below. I definitely want to know this one!


Gene Adam

Written by Gene Adam

Everyone should have a mentor.

And you should be a mentor as well. I’m teaching somebody and I enjoy teaching.

When I started I eagerly learned new things in business. I didn’t have a mentor but I watched courses, visited seminars and met like-minded people.

One thing I learned that doesn’t matter how much you know, you still need a mentor…

If you make $100,000 you need a mentor that will teach you how to make 1 million dollars. If you make 1 million then you need someone who will teach you how to make 100 million dollars and so on…

The mentor will show you the next step that you probably don’t even see yet…

It sounds counterintuitive but it is true because everyone who became more successful than me, tells me that I need to do something that I’m not comfortable with yet.

So here’s what I recommend you do next, go and find yourself a mentor…

Why? You will make more money, you will get more experience and you will get smarter!

Why wouldn’t you get a mentor???

Well that’s a silly question… Haha

But don’t forget to give back. Always teach somebody something that you know and share your secrets with the world.

It will make you the happiest person because when you’re helping somebody it will make them grow. The best feeling in the world is when you give. What could be better than that?

I have a few students that I teach for free and I don’t expect anything back…

But… I’ll tell you a secret from my past, the more I gave the more I received!!!


Gene Adam

Written by Gene Adam

Don’t give people free stuff…

Don’t help them…

Don’t educate them…

Don’t reciprocate…

Take their money and never contact them again…

Bump up the prices and tell yourself: my knowledge is so amazing that it’s worth millions and I’m not going to share with people my cool stuff for a couple of dollars. I want at least $100… Or even $1000

It’s funny but most people do exactly this!

Please comment if you want to add to this list. I want you to help me to grow this list of what NOT to do…


Gene Adam

Written by Gene Adam

I decided to do an experiment. I needed to start my rituals because I felt that not doing them would  keep me from consistency. Which consistency?   Consistency of my success.

I’ve heard from many successful people that their days consist of rituals that they constantly do every single day.

First I tried it with money and it worked! I saved $7 a day, well that gave me $210 a month. In 1 year I will have $2555. Wow, that’s a whopping $2500… Could you use it for something useful this year? Well, if you have nothing to spend money on, take a week in Hawaii and you won’t regret it.

I guess it’s the $7 that I didn’t spend on something the day but it does wonders…

Ok, I got that going, but what about everything else but not money?

For example, my work? 

So, I decided to make my experiment and here’s a list that I decided to do:

  •  write  1 article post every day (15 min)
  •  write my book every day (as much as I can, 15 min)
  •  read 1 book (1 chapter 15 mins)
  •  learn a video course of my interest, not the whole course, just 1 video (15 mins)

It’s amazing. I mean really. It’s working.

For 1 hour(approximately) per day in 1 year I will get:

  •  365 arcticles 
  •  finish writing 1 or 2 books ( you can do more, but for beginners 1-2 is ok)
  •  read a dozen of books
  •  educate myself in the subjects of my interest 

If you have your own ideas please write it in the comment box. I would like to know what is working for you…


Gene Adam

Written by Gene Adam

There’s a really good book that you should check out called:

“Psychology of winning” by Denis Waitley

He talks about how there are some people that succeed and  there are people that watch how they succeed. Reading it was like a déjà vu for me.

Believe it or not, when I was 14, one evening I told my dad my idea that popped into my head one night, which was so close to this book. I said, Dad, I feel like there are two kinds of people: “doers” that do things and  “watchers” – people that watch what “doers” are doing. 

And then I said:” Dad, I definitely want to be the one that “does” things. I just love to be in the center of attention. I want to be on TV and I want others to watch me”. 

Many years after I still think about this. And when I do something I’m just double checking with myself by asking this question… Am I a “doer” or a “watcher” whenever I do something? It really helps me to achieve things.

Life is short. Live. It. Now. Do things. Achieve goals. Help others.

Please tell me in the comments what is your inspiration for success?

Hope this helps.


Gene Adam

Written by Gene Adam

I watched the movie The Theory About Everything

And I learned 1 thing. The most of us have no problems in our lives at all in comparison with Stephen Hawkins… 

Stephen can’t walk, can’t talk, yet he is soooo positive…and he got a good sense of humor. 

I mean we have two hands…we can walk…and we can speak… Yet, most of us can’t touch what Stephen did. 

I mean come on… We have so many excuses… People constantly say you can’t do this… You can’t do that… 

When you say you can’t do something think of this movie. 

Reply me with comments and tell me what excuses you make that are nothing in comparison with Stephen Hawkins.


Gene Adam

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