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Written by Gene Adam

Here are the 77 ways to motivate yourself... I just wanted to create a book that would help me to stay motivated. Later when I shared it with others people asked me to make a book out of it... and so I did! ;)


I hope you stay motivated until you're a millionaire! 


  1. Write long-term goals every day.

    Millionaires have one thing in common. They write goals every single day. Here's how it works.

    Buy a journal and every single day write goals in the morning before you start your day and in the evening. 

    Surprisingly less than 3% of all people write down their goals.

    And you know what? From those 3% who do WRITE their goals achieve 10x more than those who don't.


  1. When you set the dream goals. Do them everyday till they're done.
  2. List your passions. Get excited like a kid. What are you passionate about? Do that...

  3. Be aggressive, not satisfied.
  4. Set higher targets than normal and try your best to achieve them.
  5. Do exactly "that" what people call "can not be done"..
  6. Dominate the category, own it, and don't compete.
  7. Plan and write daily to-do goals 5-7 only. Clear up your RAM memory so you "brain" computer works better. David Allen write about clearing your RAM memory just like on the computer... Once your mind is clear you can work 110% again.. 💯 💪 🤓
  8. Eat the "ugliest frog" first. It means do the hardest task first. If you haven't read Brian Tracy I highly recommend it. 

    When you have too many tasks, go for the most difficult task over 100 easy ones - it will make you unstoppable and keep you VERY motivated.
  9. Complete anything, any task. Every task you complete - will excite you and motivate you - it will give you a piece of mind and it will give you satisfaction. It's recommended to complete the hardest first, but if you can't do that, do any task...
  10. Gradually do a few more tasks you did yesterday. Just a little more than yesterday.  It's natural that you get quicker at what you do.
  11. Get Disciplined. When you follow up, you get things done. When you show up on time you'll be somebody people can trust and can do business with. One time a realtor showed up late and he lost over $1,000,000 on a property, because the owner left. He was 2 minutes late. The owner said I don't do business with people that are not on time. That tells a lot about you.
  12. Show up early. Winners do show up early... And they prepare for a meeting... The late person is always guilty when they are late and they usually lose on the meeting.

  13. Assume success as your duty life. Later when you make it you can take care of your parents, your children and people around you. Because of your success everyone else will benefit... If you don't take this as your duty, you'll be stuck like the rest of people paralyzed and not able to help yourself and others around you as much as you would want to.

  14. Be a role model to others.

  15. Do so much that people criticize you - if they do it's a good thing. After criticism they admire...

  16. Be the most ethical person you know.

  17. Always respond emails, messages etc.. bad or good.. Let people know you're there... Say thank you, we will look into that... First of all it's more professional and second you will look higher in people's eyes.

  18. Surround yourself with 5 people better than you.

  19. Ignore negative, Get deaf when someone wants to stop you from getting your dreams.

  20. Get to know one person the is way better and smarter than you are and ask for guidance.

  21. Quit bad friendships and relationships.

  22. Get great partner in life.

  23. Get a new friend that is worthy to be your business partner.

  24. Be with the stars and the champions... Don't settle for just any friend. Most are cry babies and complainers. Do the 80/20.

  25. Make a list of 5 people you can contact who could change your life... think about what they could do for you

  26. Do 1 little bit at a time. You can write a book - just 15 mins per day.

  27. Do things bigger than yourself. 

  28. Get some new BIG problems and start solving those... Small problems bring small solutions.

  29. Do exactly what others refuse to do.

  30. Do 10% more than yesterday...

  31. Failure doesn't exist... unless you quit. Keep on trying you won't fail.

  32. Be responsible and dependable.

  33. Read 1 book a week.

  34. Replace 1 bad friend with 1 good one and spend more time with them.

  35. Do what you fear the most.

  36. Surround yourself with positivity.

  37. Get a mentor. Look for one... online, offline, via phone, facebook, twitter. Do everything you can to get one who's smarter. They can guide you... and lead you to success faster.

  38. Invest in yourself. Courses, Books, Trainings etc... Anything that will make your value go up.

  39. Take control of your duties and your life.

  40. Set 30 minutes blocks for work. I usually put an alarm for 33 minutes. I learned it from one copywriter Gene Schwartz... You can also do 10-15 minutes if you can't concentrate longer.

  41. Take 15 minute naps during the day... Leonardo Da Vinci sweared by it... True story.

  42. Get enough sleep. go to sleep early, and wake up early.

  43. Measure your results. Not just any results. Measurable means that you exactly can count how many phone calls you have made. And how many sales you've made today.

  44. Run between tasks "as fast as you can". What I mean is that schedule them tight. Occupy your brain before disbeliefs creep in and you don't procrastinate... 

  45. Schedule short breaks as a task... Relax, meditate, rest or nap...

  46. Be honest with yourself. Don't lie to yourself.

    You see, by being honest with yourself, you don't have to justify why you were late for a meeting...

    Of course you don't think you lie... but... do you remember you said...

  • "The bus was late..."

  • "There was a big accident on the freeway, that's why I'm late..."

  • "I forgot my keys and I had to go back..."

    Right? exactly! And that's why you didn't do the homework when you were in school? and you overslept? Haha. Yes!... I get it, you never lie, but in case you do... Make a pact with yourself that you will be true to yourself...

  1. Become a celebrity - learn how to become an extrovert. Most people think that you are born intravert but I believe it's a learnable skill. Why I think that? I've been there...

  2. Try new things... Get out of the house. It will make you less of an intravert. Go to a local coffeeshop and start a conversation. Connecting with people can even help you get more clients...

  3. Look good & amazing - Perception is reality. What you think of yourself is what you perceive. If something looks expensive probably it is expensive. So look like one.

  4. Exercise.. Start exercising with 5-10 mins per day... You can start walking if you're out of shape. But make it an everyday goal.

  5. Push yourself a little harder. Do 12 exercises instead of 10.. You can do it in business as well... A little harder push can make you stronger than any person around..

  6. Eat healthy - salt, sugar grain... Alcohol is sugar, drink more water normally.

  7. Get energetic, if you feel bad put the right music on.. Get electric. Whatever floats your boat..

  8. Believe it's gonna happen, stay positive because it must.

  9. Write your successes down... It makes you feel powerful.

  10. Play some music that will make you excited.

  11. Say yes to everything and new experiences. A lot of people stay negative about everything and the first word that comes out of their mouth is "Nah...". Don't be one of them... Say YES, to go for a movie, say YES to read a book, say YES to travel for 2 days for fun, say YES to call a client... I'm not saying blindly say "yes" to everything and get drunk. But anything that can bring you something positive in your life.

  12. Take weekends off and completely turn off, reboot and live it up.

  13. Take longer vacations and get amazing crazy time off.

  14. Through away your TV. It's also called a depression box. Through this thing away, it always talks "bad" news... "Good" news are so rare nowadays... It hurts.  

  15. Make the news, stop watching the news. Work on becoming somebody people can watch... People do business with people that are out there on the spot light... You'll get more money, more connnections, and everything will get easier.

  16. Become a social media celebrity, get famous at something, become the #1, impossible to beat... Get attention... It will make you noticeable.

    For example you can become popular on:

  • YouTube 

  • Facebook

  • A forum

  • Your blog

  • On someone else's blog (guest posting)
  1. Stop thinking you have a problem - you don't... Media and society makes you think you have a problem and then sell you a pill against it... For example, did they sell you on ADHD or ADD? And did you believe them it even exist? Our bodies haven't changed for 10,000 years and no one have ever documented such a desease. Babylonians didn't have it 5,000 years ago.. Not even Greeks 2,000 years ago. It's called child's play. If a child is hyper - all the child wants is play. Let 'em. Please don't kill them with chemicals before they grow up. They'll learn concentration when time comes.

  2. Think about your future, not past

  3. Go and help somebody... Small act will make you feel huge.

  4. Get rid of drama people and drama events in your life.

  5. Get rid of things in your life you don't feel good about... (You know it's bad). Even if it's small it will do wonders.

  6. Buy things you most enjoy using (I'm not talking about Ferrari). You like drinking coffee? Buy a nice coffee maker.. Get yourself a nice iPad or a notebook and enjoy it. You'll work on it every single day...

  7. Treat yourself amazingly. Stay in the best vacation spots / hotels. Get the best seats in movies, football games, etc.

  8. Get hungry, get urgency, get speed.

  9. Stay hungry, act hungry.

  10. Your purpose on this Earth. What's your higher purpose?

  11. Choose "great" over "good".

  12. Give people more than someone expects of you.

  13. Disrupt the industry... Don't be average

  14. Respect your hard earned money... They are like your children - they are the time you spent on.







Written by Gene Adam

Hi, guys.


I've been meaning to make a guide about How to Make Effective Facebook Post for a while now. 


Today I want to talk about how to get exposure on Facebook in 15 minutes. Want more sales? Would you like that? Cool.


First things first. Here's an engaging post. Let me go over what makes it catchy... 



  1. First of all, I noticed that Facebook doesn't like when you share a link on your timeline that leads to your site/blog... I get the lowest click-throughs (click-throughs means how many people clicking on it)...

    So to avoid this problem I started posting my posts as a picture and then type text in the description and then a link on the bottom of the description... 

    That seems to trick the Facebook algorithm and Facebook thinks that it's just a picture post...

    I seem to have more likes by doing that...
  2. Use catchy phrases in the beginning of your description. Use words that spark attention and can help you hook the viewers. Words like "Epic",   or other power words can do magic...
  3. Emojis are becoming really good at sparking attention. I have tested pictures in the past and weird pictures increased click through rates through the roof... 💯💪

     But lately, I also noticed that having emoji increased facebook likes and click-throughs as well... Emojis like fire 🔥🔥🔥 are awesome and catch attention right away.

  4. When I put a link on the bottom of my description I also put the finger pointing at the link 3 times: 👉👉👉 

  5. Sometimes I use scarcity term like "don't miss this"... "when it's gone, it's gone.."... That seems to catch attention as well...

  6. Sign picture with your signature so they keep on seeing your name. If you look above I signed it "Gene Adam"

  7. Post weird pictures or draw funny pictures... That seem to work as well for some crazy reason...


Next, I want to review an ad  of my favorite mentors... I always spy on him! :) hahaha... Maybe you know him maybe not. He's name is Grant Cardone.


Here's his post:




I love how he slid a link into the comments. That's another trick you can use to promote your stuff...


Now, he did it genuinely. And you should do it genuinely as well...


Grant wrote a post that you should "give, give, give"... 

And someone commented sarcastically: "Hoorraah! It's because you're willing to do it for free"... LOL :)


On which Grant replied perfectly by sending a FREE book with a link... hahaha... it's awesome... I love it...


Anyway, I hope this guide will help you create converting Facebook posts on FB right on your wall for free...



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