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Do affiliate offers still work?

Written by Gene Adam

I research about advertising and marketing almost everyday here’s a smart guy who put this amazing ad on Yahoo’s home page. It’s right on top between the news. Wow, that’s just awesome. 


Of course they work!


Imagine you could have an ad there that solved a problem that someone had. You would make thousands of dollars per day since Yahoo has millions of visitors arounds the world!

Anyways I promised to give you some cool ideas about internet marketing…

Here’s how it works in case you don’t know. 

1. You go to ; Open an account and find the guy that sells  “hair-loss” product or “how to fix your bad sight” product  etc. 

2. Create an affiliate link and then every time someone clicks on that link and buys that product you get paid anywhere from 30-70% per sale! 

3. Then you pay to for advertising and show up in between news columns.

And you are just being a middle man!

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Gene Adam



You passive income guy     

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