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Written by Gene Adam

The biggest objection what my students have is believing that they can make so much money online.

Guys, I just want to help you out.

I know that it’s hard to believe that you can make so much money but IT IS real.

Let me show you 2 steps you can take to easily make money online:

1. Grow your email list. 
2. Sell them a product (for example $40 per sale –

So, let me translate it into numbers so you can relate to it.

Okay let’s say that you have 10,000 people on your list.

You send them 1 email with a link to a product which they really need! (For example, the product could pay a commission of $40 for referring this product)

So, if just sell 2% of 10,000 people buy your product for $40, you get:

10,000 / 100 * 2 * 40 = $8,000 per each email you send

Even if only would convert only 1%, then it would be

10,000 /100 * 1 * 40 = $4,000 per each email you send

$4,000 just for sending 1 email… You see? It’s SO powerful.

I want you start believing that it is possible because then you will start taking action.

You need to believe that it is possible. And of course take action.

You still need traffic (you can buy ads) to build your list before you get to 10,000 people. But when you do have 10,000 to make that much money, it is a breeze! 

I just want to motivate you and say that it’s possible to make this much money.

Gene Adam

Written by Gene Adam



Good news. I'm starting new series: 'Big Profits with Small List'.

I think it will knock your socks off..


The biggest mistake marketers make is when they just say "what" they are selling... and THEY FAIL. it just doesn't work.


Here's a terrible example of what I mean, "I can teach you marketing"


Say whaaaaaaaaaaaat???    :-D :-D :-D


Or, I can teach you  [put your most boring thing here].


Sound familiar? That sure makes you unique... Or does it?


So what should YOU teach your email list, then?


The most important thing for your prospect is

to solve their problems... 


If you cover most of the problems people have, you naturally will make more sales... (considering that it's a wanted product in the right niche)


I just made a quick chart of what most marketers have trouble with.


Come up with 100 problems your customers already have this very second...


And you already will be better than 80% of the marketers out there... by answering people's concerns...



If you cover most of the problems people have, that's exactly what they are looking for...


Just find the hungry crowd and feed them a wanted product..


So, let's go back to the subject of how to get money from small lists.


How's that related? 



Send emails to people every single day and solve their problems...


They are waiting for you to write the emails and they are eager to get solutions from you...


That gives you an excuse to email them every day!   :-)   :-)


They won't be upset because you are giving them what they want..




Gene Adam


p.s. I think you will enjoy what I got for you here.. Click on the link above..


Written by Gene Adam

Rule 1: Make your emails easy to read.

Make the width of the emails thinner... My font is: Arial, 10pt. (13px)


Try to keep the width of each line in your emails to 50 characters. 


The way I often do it is, I type a line of 50 "*" in a row and try to keep my lines from going longer than that.


Like this:



That's the width you should use.


Rule 2: You should mail your list EVERY DAY (or almost every day).


I heard this a while back from one of the top marketers and I couldn't believe it. It really caught my attention when he said: "Try to email your list every day."


It's counter intuitive. People unsubscribe because you don't keep in touch...


I know this could be very intimidating, but the tests show that it's true.


Rule 3: Send these 3 kinds of emails

- emails that build relationships

-  emails that sell products

-  send them follow up emails and other cool content 


Rule 4: Don't be boring.. Write only interesting emails! 

Don't be boring or predictable, people will want out.. And... don't spam.


If you are good with your list, they will stay loyal and do business with you for a long time!


Even if you sent 30 great emails it takes only one spam email to spoil it all...


To learn more about AUTORESPONDERS and how to BUILD YOUR LIST click here:



Gene Adam


Written by Gene Adam

You probably already know that the best way to get your business going is through email list. Conversion, ROI, and collecting emails are the things that can improve your business HUGELY!

The open rate is much higher when you start your list with a contest. There’s something that makes you more LOVABLE I guess! 

The only thing you need to to right is to pick the AWESOME PRIZE!

How to pick an AWESOME PRIZE that will convert:

There are a bunch of prizes you can pick without going bankrupt. ???? You can buy a cool 5 years of Mail Chimp which will turn out as a pretty penny. But let me say this it doesn’t have to be so expensive. Although, it’s not a bad choice if you get 200,000 subscribers.

You have to choose what your audience wants most.  I mean honestly, what does your reader really want?????

1. iPad??? 
2. Xbox???
3. $2,000?

If you know your audience, you can pitch a perfect prize. 

So let’s say if your list is: 

1. all about losing weight: buy them a PALEO DIET book and ship it to them 
2. all about copywriting: buy them a COPYWRITING BOOK i.e.  DAVID OGILVY ON ADVERTISING
3. all about internet marketing: buy them a course $27 – $99
4. tech: macbook? ipad?
5. loves cash: Everybody loves cash!

Other ideas you can get from what your customer is talking about on your blog, twitter, facebook, or something that you think you would want……

Try this out. It will do wonders…. 


Share this with your friends…

And let me know your ideas about this in the comments..


Gene Adam

Written by Gene Adam

It is 2016 and autoresponders are still going strong.

Many people think that autoresponders don’t work anymore. But that’s not true, because most people that I know that make huge money do use autoresponders every day.

I’m a big fan of Tommy Walker….. He is a "guest blogger" and he said one smart thing once:

“You don’t need a website unless you generate leads out of it. The whole purpose of a website is to get people’s contact information”.

If your website is not doing that don’t have the website it all. It’s so true! People worry about having a nice website but that’s not what it’s all about.

Here’s what you need to consider.


You need to:

1. Have a sign up box in a visible place on your site.

2. Get people’s emails.

3. Send them great stuff. 80% MUST be free useful information (check-lists, free pdfs, useful tips and ideas in the field ) and 20% you can sell paid products, webinars, e-books, courses etc.  Spamming doesn’t work. Authenticity is sexy… 


To learn more about AUTORESPONDERS and how to BUILD YOUR LIST click here:



Gene Adam

Written by Gene Adam

Be honest and be real with your list – and buyers  still will BUY from you!

And… they will LOVE you for your honesty… 

When you are building your list you have to make sure that YOU ARE REAL.

Don’t pretend you are this million dollar marketer that makes millions. 

If you are NOT, then you are NOT. That’s alright! Being authentic will bring you closer to people. 

I don’t like internet marketers that create phony results.

The truth is that you got to speak in your own voice.

Everyone got a personality and the worst thing you can do is to copy someone else.

Can you stay honest and still make a lot of money? YES!

In fact you can run your whole business just by saying the truth and still SELL like crazy. 

The moral of the story is that you must be honest, authentic and believable. And you will win more friends, more subscribers and you will be a very happy person.


Gene Adam

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