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Written by Gene Adam

Successful people have one thing in common ...  they revisit their passions all the time.


Your passions will change every 5 years.  In the 20s you may have passions totally different when you're in your 30s and 40s or 50s.


Very successful people are happy at work.  They do what they love.  And they can spend thousands of hours doing what they love.


Steve Jobs is a proof of that. He didn't come to work for a paycheck but something bigger than himself. He didn't cry how his job sucks or did he? 🤣


 If you don't love what you do you will have a major burn out.  Sure you can make a lot of money But if you don't like what you do, you won't achieve the heights you could with a passion. It could cost you health, relationships, and get you depressed...


Be a kid again and write down your passions. Don't hold back.  Write passions as BIG as possible you can always cross them out later but it will open possibilities.


It will make you think. It will take you places that you haven't visited in a while...


Get crazy. Write things that are out of your comfort zone but you always wanted to do.


I want to surf. I want to jump from a helicopter on a parachute. I want to open a startup... and raise $20 Million... Anything..


Then, see if you can combine it with what you do and your work... If you can't, then think of your passion, think of it as your motivation. If you make enough money you could do "that" passion that you always wanted...

Written by Gene Adam

One of my mentors taught me a trick if you want to be successful you need to give 100% first and expect nothing back…absolutely 0…


Actually I've heard this saying so many times but I could never understand it… Don't know why…


I've used it numerous times in my relationships but NOT in business… I didn’t get it… I always thought that money is a result of your work that you do for your client and nothing more.


Recently  it clicked for me… 

That's not what it's all about…


When we expect something back for our work… And no one pays for it… We tend to give up…We get attached to the money… I almost hear you say: "But I did the work!!! Why can't I get paid?" 

We don't want to work for free… it's a hard to admit but it's true… 

And when there's no reward we stop caring and stop doing it completely… after all who wants to work for free?


Wait… and that is where I want to stop you..

This is exactly where the problem is…

And this is exactly where the money is…

And this is the paradox of it all..


Give 100 and expect 0.


You won't see the difference right away..  But in 1 year from now you will…


When you part with something and don't expect it back… You'll build an army of fans that will follow you, if, only if, you give first…

when you give only once… To not enough, that's not how it works…


When you GIVE A HUGE VALUE,  100 times more the normal value… people can't argue anymore…


You do it consistently and you go way over board, you over deliver… And people go nuts, because you become so irresistible that you can't be ignored…


Hope this helps!


Gene Adam



Written by Gene Adam

I've been reading Darren Hardy's Compound Effect and it totally made me open my eyes…


Let me tell you a story.


There was one fat woman that was losing her mind over her weight.

Despite her weight, she had a dream to run a half marathon. 

But she said this: "I will never run a half marathon. I can't. It's not for me". I can't is right if you tell yourself this stuff… 


Well guess what Darren Hardy did?


He asked her to do this.

#1. Drive your car around the block and map a path… (the same street next to your house)
#2. Then, walk that path for a week or two. Each day she could make a choice to continue on.
#3. Then, start a light jog, but if you feel breathless, just walk the remaining path
#4. Then jog, by adding an extra 0.1 mile every time 


What happened next was unbelievable. The lady started to make small changes toward her goal… In the beginning it seemed impossible but with every little improvement she was able to get closer to her goal…


After 7 weeks she was jogging the whole path…

In 6 months she was running 9 miles…

In 9 months she was running 13.5miles, which was more than a half marathon she always wanted to run on day…


Just one little change, one little improvement of 1% will put you closer to your goal… In 100 days you will have 100% improvement (1% a day)

Wow, did you feel a breakthrough… Sounds like some easy stuff… 


But it makes all the difference.


What if you could devote only 15-20 minutes extra per day to your relationship with your loved one…   Would that make a difference in your relationship - you bet!

What if you could save only $3.40 per day… and make coffee at home instead of  buying coffee somewhere else… $3.40 x 30=$102.00    

You didn't think it would be $100 per month, did you? Lol… Yep!

Hope this helps to understand the concept.

Use it in your daily life with money, relationships and health.


Gene Adam



Written by Gene Adam

Sometimes very simple truths can make a HUGE difference in our lives.

The question is will you be bored to do this, if it's so simple? 


I've been reading Gary Vaynerchuk's "Crush it!" and it's ridiculous how right Gary is. 


But 90% won't follow Gary's advice, why? Because people like complex abstract ideas…


I don't know about you, but I totally love his advice:


    1. Love your family
    2. Work super hard
    3. Live your passion


That's it!!!    Are you serious??? That's it you say?


Lol. Yep! In fact, Gary Vaynerchuk swears by it…


Let's get deeper…


Love your family - means you need to be in balance with yourself, with your loved ones.You need to be in balance with your girlfriend/boyfriend or people close to you… And that will make you happy. Do it because most of the time your family is what you live for…


Being happy means a lot. You see, when you're happy, you'll smile more, you'll perform better and you enjoy more.


Work super hard - a lot of people ask external forces for help… i.e. Please bank, government or universe, please help me to pay my bills, etc. LOL (you'll be surprised, but there are a lot of people that rely on others)


Without hard work nothing will happen. Stop looking for a quick shortcut. The faster you'll learn that success comes to people that do things consistently daily, the faster you'll realize that becoming rich is a repetitive task… Although it could become boring it DOES PAY BIG!


Choose your media. For example, if you choose blog , publish blogs everyday… If you do podcasts, do them every day. Be patient.


And of course, passion will help you do a repetitive tasks.. If you are passionate enough you'll have no problem doing what you love.

So live your passion and crush it!


Don't forget: 
    - if something isn't right at home, change it. 
    - If you don't work on the business hard enough, start working on it hard every day…
    - If you're not passionate, change what you do… because if you are passionate you won't have a problem working on it day and night


I'm not surprised Gary was able to build a 100-million dollar empire... 


Want to bet it will work if you try?

Gene Adam


Written by Gene Adam

I like a lot of good folks, especially billionaires...


Here's what they read... I want to share the list of the books that you should read as well.


My friend Tim Ferris written this cool post The Unusual Books That Shaped Billionaires, Mega-Bestselling Authors.


Click here to read it...


I'd like to read a few books I haven't read from the list as well:

- So Good They Can’t Ignore You by Cal Newport

- Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E.Frankl

- The Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell

and a few more...


Read this in the link below, this is awesome!


The Unusual Books That Shaped Billionaires, Mega-Bestselling Authors, and Other Prodigies




Gene Adam


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