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Written by Gene Adam

Set higher targets than normal and try your best to achieve them.

Most of the time we don't do the best we can. Want proof?

One time at the Tony Robbins's event, Tony asked the audience, "Let's do an exercise, stand up, and put one of your hands as high as you can". People did. Or so they thought... "Now", he continued, "put it even higher"... to everyone's surprise almost everyone was able to put the hand even higher the 2nd time around...

One of my mentors, Brian Tracy, taught me a trick. The trick is: "Just do 10% more than yesterday". Think of your tasks as muscles. When you're in the gym the trainer would recommend to do just a little more weight every time you work out...

The concept is just AMAZING. It works... If you keep on doing 10% more every day, it will blow your mind ehat results you will achieve. That's 10% today, 10% tomorrow and 10% the day after... In 1 week it's 70% better.... In 1 month it's 300% better... In 1 year it will be.... You know how much? Yeaaaassssss, the whole 3650%


When you write goals, always, I mean always, set them higher than normal. When you shoot for the stars at least you will reach the moon...

My mentor Grant Cardone taught me this. Write your most outrageous goals. Why? Because even if you don't reach them you still reach more than if you set small goals.

I've made smaller goals so I could take smaller steps.. Boy, was I wrong... As time passed I understood that I should have made bigger goals and then split them in chunks of smaller tasks... You need to plan the BIG plan...

You need to come up with a big picture and then pursue the little parts of it... Get BOLD. Make goals like, "How can I get a 40 apartment building" instead of "how can I pay the bills next month" or how to get a "500 dollar part-time job". I get it that having a $500 part-time job is important but it's a small little task that should complement your BIG PLAN.. Get it?

I hope this starts making sense... Because if you don't think big you will be stuck in the past paying bills and catching up with your today's problems.

Written by Gene Adam

The biggest enemy in your business is… are you ready??...  YOU!


I know, I know you might say:
"What?", "Wait, I don't have any problems"


Whether you realize it or not we all have it. Don't believe me? If not, that might be an ego problem. 


Let me ask you this. Do you feel sometimes any of these things?
Anger. Fear. Desperation. Excitement. Happiness. Despair. Hope.


Because we are human beings and we have emotions.

Many times our emotions could help us, but many time they can also paralyze us.


For example, when you are playing a chess tournament or tennis a tournament. It's usually NOT about your skills anymore. It's mostly not about your wisdom and how great of a genius you are… (there are exceptions but mostly it's totally something else… because if you are already playing a chess tournament you are probably already amazing at playing chess)


Your biggest issue in tournaments is:

Your inability to deal under pressure. It's inability to deal in hard situations. It's handling your emotions that can easily destroy you..


As Josh Waitzkin points out in his book "The Art of Learning"  when he won chess championships it wasn't so much about the skill. 

It was all the external things. Like the noise, distraction, people and  his fame that could easily occupy his mind.


He tuned everyone out. It was quiet in his head… He could think… He could funnel his thoughts easily…


If you got an internet business it's the same idea. You got a bunch of distractions that occupy your mind.


Facebook, text from a friend, some one called you, mail notification, somebody honked on the street, you meet somebody in the office for a friendly talk, invitation to Starbucks, somebody really needs to talk… argh… stop already… ding… Wait something just came in, let me check that message… wait, it's a message from an unsatisfied client… oh no…


Tune it out…




    1. Work in chunks of 33 mins(33m works well for me, you can experiment)
    2. Turn off everything you got that makes a noise… (sometimes it's people, tell your mum, your girlfriend and your friends, it's important and close the door)
    3. Take 15 min breaks, you can access your unconscious mind which will do the work for you even if you're resting
    4. Calm your mind. How? Mediate. How? You can lay down and Stop thinking any thought you have running in your mind… You can do breathing exercises that calm you down..
    (you can meditate on your breaks or separately.)
    5. This is optional.. But sometimes helps… Do some exercise. 15 mins a day… but every day.. It also can do the trick and clear up your cluttered mind. 
While some people will skip the mediation part, but don't underestimate it's powers.


Josh Waitzkin swear by the meditation and calming exercises and have won multiple chess and Thai Chi tournaments




Back to the #1 killer of your business.


It's you. It's your mind trying to race 150 miles per hour. You can slow down the time.


You can concentrate and see your task VERY CLEAR. And when you see it clear you can achieve it.


Gene Adam

Written by Gene Adam

Look for 20 percents everywhere… Forget about 80 percents.. Because the 20 percents is the lever you can pull the 80% results…


You mostly care about results, money, time, people, talent or any resources you have… then ask questions with those interchangeable items.


80% of your working activity makes up for 20% of the results
Why do it? Why be so ineffective?  


20% of your working activity makes up for 80% of your results

20% of your business tasks - makes up for 80% of your income 


Use alliances with other people extensively.

20% alliances will be your power alliances.  

Only ally yourself to the 20% and find people similar to those.

20% of your JV partners - bring 80% results

Work with the 20% of influential people that influence your business the most…


If your business is a bus then change the 80% of the average seats on the bus to the the  outstanding 20% of seats 


People and money:
Move 20% people including yourself away from 80% activities towards 20% activities.


Do things that matter by decreasing the time given for that project.. Tighten deadlines..


Move money from 80% activities to 20% activities…


Money leverage using other people's money(equity in the company) not more than 20%… 


Work less and enjoy more.. By applying 80/20 to everything 

If you work 20% of your normal work time… you could get 80% of work done…


Imagine 80% more time…

20% of books matter the most


Reading 20% of the book will give you most info… Choose the most important chapters...


20% of your thoughts matter the most... Program your brain.



Gene Adam





Written by Gene Adam

The paradox that a lot of create, amazing talented people have a sickness.

A disease so to say, called procrastination. 

And by my estimation it fits in in 80/20 rule… 80% of people procrastinate… Although It's more like 90% of population procrastinate…

I recently read a book called "The Art of Procrastination" by John Perry and one of the first things I've learned that one of the reasons we fail at getting things done is because we want to get things done "PERFECTLY"..


The"WANTING TO BE PERFECT" element screws our brain up… And you know what's the worst?


The worst is that we will never get it done perfectly…


And by the time it's due or overdue we get paralyzed… and sometimes we don't complete our project at all…


Do you remember exams in school? (Or college/university)? 


Did you study the night before and, at some point, 12 hours before the exam you realize that you will never learn the 6-months worth of material you haven't been studying?


But then somehow you pass the exam. And sometimes you pass it well..

What happened here? Let me explain…


The trick is that you studied it, which was "so-so".. It wasn't studied perfectly but it was just "ok" and yes it was enough and you passed it…

So, if you just lower your expectation of your outcome, that all you have to do to complete the task. You set the bar too high and you have to lower it.


Next. I learned another cool trick…


You can create a harder task like "study French" and put it on your to-do list… And then "writing a blog" task would be so much simpler… In other words create a task that will overshadow the other important task and then you will get it done. It's almost like you're tricking yourself into doing that…  By the way, be sure that you're honest… Only put real tasks.


I do procrastinate once in a while as well. 


So for all of your procrastinators there - do some brain trickery!

Hope it helps!


Gene Adam 


Written by Gene Adam

The reason 80/20 is so fascinating is not because it’s a cool rule. But because it's more practical than theoretical. I learned this hack from Robert Koch…


When you plan your day and you start doing things there are always a few things that are more important than others.


Most people treat them equally but if I told you  that you can only do 2 tasks out of 10 that day, which ones would you choose?


Those tasks must be the most valuable and they should account for  80% of the most valuable tasks which you got that day.


Those tasks are the most essential, the most vital, without which your business would  simply collapse…


As my mentor Brian Tracy says: "eat the ugliest and the biggest frogs in the morning".  He refers to  frogs as your tasks.


The reason they are so "ugly" because they are a pain in the ass, we don't want to do those and quite frankly they are the ones that we put off the most.

Do the 2 tasks which account for the 80% of value of your business and your returns could x2 or x3 by applying this simple technique.


Brian Tracy mentioned a client that this trick improved their business 1000%. I'm not promising these results here, but just think what it could do for you if you came close?


Gene Adam 



Written by Gene Adam

Imagine this...

You wake up in the morning,  brush your teeth, make some coffee, start your car and drive off to work...


You don't think about the details of each action you took that morning... Yes! It's automatic! Those are your "habits". We are the creatures of habits...


Also, when you do habits automatically your speed increases 10 times or more!


What if you could have only outstanding habits? Is it even possible? Hell, yes! Of course, it's possible. You can reprogram your brain!


Can you imagine you could get only "great habits" that make you thousands of dollars per week or even per  day...


Let's say those habits are "rituals". If you do a "ritual" for more than 30 days it becomes more automatic.


Bad rituals.

If you go to Facebook and spend there  1 hour per day for 30 days... You got yourself a sucker that takes 1 hour per day from your life... This is an example of a bad ritual. TV is another one...


Good Rituals.  

1. An hour of learning something useful in business for the next 30 days. hint: learn marketing, advertising, design, how to be a better humanbeing, psychology, etc...

2. An hour of regeneration. This could be an hour of yoga, gym, good massage,  siesta. If you over work you will become less effective at work.

Other cool ones: write 1 article or make 1 Youtube video per day, write 3 forum posts per day...for 30 days... 


And once it's automatic you can do it 10 times faster!


Now take that and think what you can change in your life that can make the right changes so you can be more effective in your personal life and business.




P.S. I wanted to make it short for beginners, so if you want me to talk more about this subject please drop me a line. 

Written by Gene Adam

This is probably WHY you have FAILED!

A lot of people tell me that they “can’t let the world see their ugly website”.

They don’t finish the product they are working on because…. they concentrate on technology.


For example, they don’t write a book because they want to have the best website. They are going around and around the goal… and accomplish nothing… and eventually they stop completely!

Technology is one of the biggest reasons why you can fail by falling in the trap!

The whole point of having the website is to get the contact information of your prospects.

I came across a few very successful people that have only an email sign up box on their webpage and nothing else except that! They have created successful books and online courses. After talking to them I realized that you don’t need a site to be successful online.

I’ve been there done that!

Have you ever said that you wanted to make the best website… and didn’t complete it just because you couldn’t make it perfect?

I have and I spent thousands on business that didn’t work because I couldn’t make them perfect. I got lost in technology.

As Internet marketers say: “the ugly site is the best site”. What they mean is that the ugly “working” site is better than the “beautiful” site that does nothing.

Because you should concentrate on the content and not on the design. Although having the design later doesn’t hurt. :)

Comment in the box below and tell me if this ever happened to you.


Gene Adam

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