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When I publish, what should I use? Master resale rights? Private label rights?

Written by Gene Adam


Today I’m publishing my book which I’m going to sell with "Resale Rights" and "Master Resale Rights"…

But for folks that don’t know what it means I want to explain… I do recommend that you sell your book with rights…

Here they are:

#1. Resale Rights (RR) – that’s when the author allows the buyers to sell or distribute the e-book  for profit. Usually authors request to keep their name in the e-book. I personally want my name everywhere for branding purposes.

#2. Master Resale Rights (MRR) – that’s the same as the #1 but also the author allows buyers to offer resale rights to their buyers.(See the graph below) Normally authors request to keep their name in the e-book. I do request to keep my name for exposure.


Notice: I’m NOT selling my book as Private Label Rights (PLR) or White Label Rights – that’s when the owner allows to change the author’s name and the content of the e-book.

I do recommend that you sell your books and courses with RR and MRR and not PLR. You do get fast money for PLR but you are not developing your name and brand which will not help you in the future…

Hope this helps.


By the way if you want to check out my book, here it is:




Gene Adam



You passive income guy     

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