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Written by Gene Adam

I have students asking me this all the time..


That's a wrong question... The name of the affiliate program completely doesn't matter. Let me explain.


You need to reframe it...


1. I would come to this question completely from a different angle..


It's not the name of the affiliate program that matters, but the income you get from it..


You need to calculate your ROI (return on investment). You need to find a product that's either popular or costs a lot..


It's either you have to increate X(amount of sales) or Y(the price).


Here's a simple formula that I use:


X * Y =$70,000



Imagine $7 x 10,000 people and you make $70,000!

or you can sell $70 product x 1,000 times...


2. Test your results. If you don't know what's better try them all and get the better converting one.


3. Do you have an email list? Grow your list of subscribers... An email list is the highest money maker so far..


Don't believe me? Google it...


But advantage of having a list is that you can send them promotions and products to promote forever and ever. Do it in a nice way... don't be too salesy...



Written by Gene Adam

What would you do if you MUST make $100 by tomorrow… Be honest!

If you make money on the internet, I’m curious what your ideas are.

Please comment below.


Gene Adam

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