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Written by Gene Adam

Here is a trick that you might like. Have you ever wondered which videos and video headlines rank the highest? Me too! I wish I knew this a long time ago when I started.

When I need to figure out what video ranks best on YouTube here’s what I do:

1. I go to YouTube.
2. In the search box type a  keyword. For example, let’s type: “learn how to dance”. 
3. I click on “filters” and click on sort by “view counter”. 

That’s it.

Now YouTube will sort all videos from the highest views to the lowest.
It’s simple, but the information is so valuable. It’s awesome.

Hope this helps in your marketing.


Gene Adam

Written by Gene Adam

1. Video Creation


You can create your videos with Web Cam or Screen Capture Software.


You can download a screen capture software like camtasia, jing, Ez Vid,Monosnap(mac)


If you’re comfortable being on camera then you can use the WebCam or other video recording device to record yourself talking. You can make videos about tips, advice, reviews of products etc

In the beginning of the video make a quick introduction and in the end of the video you need to have call to action which means you need to send your traffic to your site.

2. Upload your video on YouTube

Here’s an example description filled with keywords.
Let’s say your keyword is “Lose weight fast” your description should look like this:

Lose weight fast –
Want to know how to lose weight fast? In this video you will find out 3 effective ways to lose weight fast. 

Get more info on how to lose weight fast


3. Back link to your video.

Back links will improve your videos’ rank and they will rank higher on YouTube and Google. The more back links you have the better. You can do this manually or you can pay somebody to blast your video with a 1,000 or more back links. If you have the funds, your goal should be to get your video on the first page of YouTube and Google.

a. Manual backlinks:
You can do back links to your video with It is very easy to use, all you need is the title of your video and the url and that’s it. The website will walk you through the process of creating your back links.

One of the fastest ways to get lots of back links to your video in a short period of time is using You can have someone blast your video with up to 5000 social back-links. I recommend somebody that has a lot of feedback.

4. Video Quantity.

This is where it  gets interesting.

For example, if you make one video per day  you can have  7 videos in 7 days and 365 videos per year.  

If you make 2 videos per day, you can make 14 videos per week and 730 per year.

I know it’s only math but even if you do a half of it that’s a lot considering you have back links to your website.

Keep high standards and good quality and provide value content otherwise Youtube will shut down your account.


Good luck!


Gene Adam

Written by Gene Adam

Have you ever run out of ideas on what to make your videos about? Here’s a trick you can use…

Let me show you a very quick  dirty old trick… that took me a while to figure out….

If you ran out of ideas on what subject you should make videos about, you can do this:

1. Find popular articles.

2. Make videos out of them. (It’s like transcribing but backwards.)

That’s it!

Note: when you choose the articles(find articles with a lot of views) make sure that your audience wants these videos. Ask your audience: “What is the biggest problem that have?”

Alright. Now, go and find articles and make videos about it! 

Good luck! :)

Your friend,

Gene Adam

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