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How to write an article or an ad in 5 minutes or less...

Written by Gene Adam

Forget about what you learnt in school...


You know what drags you down and doesn't let you write? It's knowledge...


In reality writing is so simple. VERY SIMPLE.


Let me ask you this. Do you chat on your phone? SMS? Facebook chats? Viber etc.


Ok, so, do the same thing and that's all you need to start writing ads, marketing, blog posts, articles, books and any internet material today... The age of the complex books is passing us by as a rocket... :)


Here are the "new" rules for writing:

- use the word "I" and "YOU" as much as you want to...

- use a story

- use incomplete sentences and fragments

- you can end, and begin sentences however you want...


We are not here to please a teacher and impress everyone... unless you are getting your PHD...


So... to get any information efficiently  from one brain to the other brain - USE SIMPLE WORDS!


All of us understand simple better than complex. That's the bottom line.


Hope this helps.


Gene Adam


p.s. I wrote this post in 5 mins! :)



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