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Crazy Simple Magnet That Will Attract Your Customers!

Written by Gene Adam

In the book, Blue Ocean Strategy, Renee Mauborgne, and Chan Kim talk about how important it is NOT to compete with competitors in the same niche("red ocean") where everybody else is selling.

Instead, you should go to the "blue ocean" or a place where there's not many competitors or no competitors at all.


Wow. Profound. How do you do that? Imagine this scenario.

For example, there are a lot of people selling "weight loss" products... The problem is it's too busy already... There are way too many products to choose from, and there's no way to break into that niche...

So what do you do then? You can drill down 2 or more levels down into the subcategory and then sub-sub category...and so on.


Here's what you can do.


Health -> Weight loss -> Weight loss for college students

Wealth -> Real Estate -> Flipping houses on Ebay


I listened to Garrett White (motivational speaker) from the stage and in his marketing he does magic.


He talks directly to the right audience from the beginning.


Read his headline:


Attention married business men! if you want to have sex and energy without hookers or need to listen to this message....


So he is exactly describing his people and he's like a magnet to those people...


He talks directly to them. He knows their traits and he put all of the traits in the headline:


  • They are men
  • They are married
  • They are into business
  • They like sex as a healthy male would
  • They want more energy. They are probably tired from overworking...


In this example, Garrett went 5 levels deep...


Now that's your magnet... If you target specific people and talk to them directly, most likely you will have this message read by these people...


So here's what you can do now:

Come up with your audience and then put them in your headline. Describe them. Talk to them. Make them read it.


This is so crucial that without it you don't have a business.


Because you know that you can't please everyone...





You passive income guy     

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