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Millionaire secrets: Crush It! - by Gary Vaynerchuk

Written by Gene Adam

Sometimes very simple truths can make a HUGE difference in our lives.

The question is will you be bored to do this, if it's so simple? 


I've been reading Gary Vaynerchuk's "Crush it!" and it's ridiculous how right Gary is. 


But 90% won't follow Gary's advice, why? Because people like complex abstract ideas…


I don't know about you, but I totally love his advice:


    1. Love your family
    2. Work super hard
    3. Live your passion


That's it!!!    Are you serious??? That's it you say?


Lol. Yep! In fact, Gary Vaynerchuk swears by it…


Let's get deeper…


Love your family - means you need to be in balance with yourself, with your loved ones.You need to be in balance with your girlfriend/boyfriend or people close to you… And that will make you happy. Do it because most of the time your family is what you live for…


Being happy means a lot. You see, when you're happy, you'll smile more, you'll perform better and you enjoy more.


Work super hard - a lot of people ask external forces for help… i.e. Please bank, government or universe, please help me to pay my bills, etc. LOL (you'll be surprised, but there are a lot of people that rely on others)


Without hard work nothing will happen. Stop looking for a quick shortcut. The faster you'll learn that success comes to people that do things consistently daily, the faster you'll realize that becoming rich is a repetitive task… Although it could become boring it DOES PAY BIG!


Choose your media. For example, if you choose blog , publish blogs everyday… If you do podcasts, do them every day. Be patient.


And of course, passion will help you do a repetitive tasks.. If you are passionate enough you'll have no problem doing what you love.

So live your passion and crush it!


Don't forget: 
    - if something isn't right at home, change it. 
    - If you don't work on the business hard enough, start working on it hard every day…
    - If you're not passionate, change what you do… because if you are passionate you won't have a problem working on it day and night


I'm not surprised Gary was able to build a 100-million dollar empire... 


Want to bet it will work if you try?

Gene Adam




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