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Productivity test: iPad vs Macbook? What is better for work?

Written by Gene Adam

There’s something about iPad that makes me concentrate better.  

So here’s my test… I used my iPad and my Macbook for exactly 1 day.  

And the results are amazing.

My macbook gave me usual results. Which means I went to many different websites during the day and even if I don’t go to Facebook I still go there for a few messages to answer and a few things to check out…

That means I used multiple open windows, sites, emails and I didn’t concentrate enough. My concentration was down the drain. I start writing an email and then I think about checking on my Google Adwords and then Analytics and the whole progress completely blows up in my face.

And when I tried iPad my productivity when UP…

To help me input data quick. I connected a real apple keyboard to my iPad. So now there’s no difference with inputting words between my iPad and my computer. In fact I use the same exact Bluetooth keyboard for both devices…

I really wanted to be fair and I spent enough time and patience to master both devices.

And I’ll tell you iOS is very light and iPad 2 is quite fast which is enough to do tasks what I usually work on.

Honestly, it seems much easier to operate than my Mac.

I spent all day using my iPad to do these tasks:
– write my book (I even use iOS Pages now) which finally runs normally with the iPad Air 2. It used to be so slow on previous models that I could never do that.
– comment in forums
– write emails
– edit my campaigns in Google Adwords. Safari used to crash on older models and now it works like a charm. Very fast.

One downside: you can’t do programming. Well, for that I will still use my mac.

One huge advantage: I actually get things done! What I really like is that I don’t jump from 1 task to the next easily.  I don’t go to Facebook, I don’t check out a YouTube video and I don’t do any other task until I get my writing done.

Overall: I’m starting to realize that iPad is so powerful now. It’s amazing. I think I might be switching to iPad completely except the programming part.


Hope this helps.


Gene Adam



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