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Do exactly "that" what people call "cannot be done".

Written by Gene Adam

As the 80/20 rule goes, it's important to do small things that do the highest impact...


 But what's more important here to know is that when you compound your small wins over time - you have a BIG WIN...


And that's when people say: "this cannot be done!"


Let me make an example. 


An overweight Kim is thinking about losing weight. She tries one diet  it doesn’t work. She tries another diet - it still doen’t work. She exercises 2 hours per day and - and then she gives up after a couple of weeks of exercise..


That’s a story of almost every single person out there trying to lose weight...


But then there’s overweight Stephanie. Stephanie does something else... She finds out one effective thing that will help your with weight. But she doesn’t switch right away... What she does is profound. She walks only 5-10 minutes per day the first week. Then she walks 20 minutes the second week. And then she walk 30 minutes the 3rd week.


She doesn’t give up, she just adds more minutes every time and eventually loses weight... Her body gets used to it and because there are no big dramatic changes, she has no problem to continue what she does...


The goal is to make it a “habit”... Most successful people created very effective habits that they do them every single day... And it’s not hard for them to continue what they are already doing... Because they are almost doing that on autopilot.


See where I am going with that?







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