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Crazy Compound Effect That You Could Never Think Would Work

Written by Gene Adam

I've been reading Darren Hardy's Compound Effect and it totally made me open my eyes…


Let me tell you a story.


There was one fat woman that was losing her mind over her weight.

Despite her weight, she had a dream to run a half marathon. 

But she said this: "I will never run a half marathon. I can't. It's not for me". I can't is right if you tell yourself this stuff… 


Well guess what Darren Hardy did?


He asked her to do this.

#1. Drive your car around the block and map a path… (the same street next to your house)
#2. Then, walk that path for a week or two. Each day she could make a choice to continue on.
#3. Then, start a light jog, but if you feel breathless, just walk the remaining path
#4. Then jog, by adding an extra 0.1 mile every time 


What happened next was unbelievable. The lady started to make small changes toward her goal… In the beginning it seemed impossible but with every little improvement she was able to get closer to her goal…


After 7 weeks she was jogging the whole path…

In 6 months she was running 9 miles…

In 9 months she was running 13.5miles, which was more than a half marathon she always wanted to run on day…


Just one little change, one little improvement of 1% will put you closer to your goal… In 100 days you will have 100% improvement (1% a day)

Wow, did you feel a breakthrough… Sounds like some easy stuff… 


But it makes all the difference.


What if you could devote only 15-20 minutes extra per day to your relationship with your loved one…   Would that make a difference in your relationship - you bet!

What if you could save only $3.40 per day… and make coffee at home instead of  buying coffee somewhere else… $3.40 x 30=$102.00    

You didn't think it would be $100 per month, did you? Lol… Yep!

Hope this helps to understand the concept.

Use it in your daily life with money, relationships and health.


Gene Adam





You passive income guy     

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